Sunday School

The faithful teaching of the Bible and by it, God’s way of salvation, is the focal point of Sandown Sunday School. The teachers long to see each child saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and living for Him. Bible teaching at Sandown Sunday School reaches children from toddlers, right through to teens and beyond.

‘Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…’ Ecclesiastes 12:1

The main Sunday School is comprised of a range of 6 classes, divided by age. The children are welcomed each week by Superintendent Richard McVeigh. Sunday School then begins with hearty and enthusiastic singing, sometimes accompanied by quiz questions, before the children break into their classes. In class, the children recite their weekly catechism questions, memorise Bible verses, and enjoy learning Bible truth in a way appropriate to their ages. Older children, from first year and up, attend the Junior Bible Class, while ones from around fourth year can choose to go to the Senior Bible Class. Children from a wide area are brought to Sandown Sunday School. A Sunday School bus collects children from various estates in East Belfast. Lifts can be arranged by contacting Mr Richard McVeigh on 07746 418 135.

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Sunday School Teachers