Church Governance

As a congregation we affirm and believe that the Presbyterian form of government which we ascribe to is founded on and agreeable to the Word of God. Therefore in accordance to the Word of God, we elect elders who’s primary role is the spiritual oversight of the work of God. Mr Wilson as the teaching elder and minister of the church, chairs the meetings of the church Session and eldership. We thank God for the godly men, He has given to us who discharge their roles in the congregation in a caring and compassionate manner.

Session Members

Rev Garth Wilson (teaching elder)
Mr Tom Patterson (Clerk of Session)
Mr William Creane
Mr Albert Gilpin
Mr Derek Graham
Mr Alvin Grigg
Mr Ian McVeigh
Mr Paul Roberts
Mr Dynes Uprichard
Mr Ronnie Whiteside

In addition to the elders, the church also elects a committee of deacons who are responsible for working closely with the elders in the management of the business affairs of the church and its property. Again we are thankful to God for the deacons and their service to our congregation.

Committee Members

Mr Robert Garrett
Mr Kyle Hamilton (Church Treasurer)
Mr John Kennedy
Mr Eric Liggins
Mr James Magill (Church Secretary)
Mr Roy McGimpsey
Mr Richard McVeigh
Mr Colin Turley