Youth Fellowship

Sandown Youth Fellowship meet every Friday night from October through to May. Meetings begin at 8.00pm.

The purpose of the Youth Fellowship is for the young people to fellowship together & grow in grace.

Over the years the Youth Fellowship has been the vehicle whereby our young people first learn to pray, testify, lead meetings and in some cases learn to preach. We also arrange outings for times of fun and fellowship throughout the year. During the summer, when the meetings are not running, we meet up to enjoy BBQs and times of fellowship.

It has a been great privilege on several occasions to visit with some of our missionaries in Spain. Several youth groups have travelled to Spain during the summer to spend time with our missionaries, witnessing first hand the valuable and blessed work they are engaged in.

Our prayer for the youth of our church is that they will serve God, whether in school, college or work, and that through the work of the youth, God’s name will be glorified. We are thankful for those of the young people who have heard the call of God to full-time service and are now in training at Bible College. We thank the Lord for the group of young people we have in our church. If you are aged 11 or older, you would be more than welcome to come and join with us each Friday night at 8:00pm.

If you require any further information, please email